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LGBT+ Conservatives defend Johnson’s LGBT+ record

Besi Besemar July 24, 2019

Boris Johnson, the new leader of the Conservative Party goes to Buckingham Palace this afternoon to ask Her Majesty The Queen to form a government in her name.

Boris Johnson MP
Boris Johnson MP
DURING the Conservative leadership campaign Mr Johnson pledged his administration would not consider their work on LGBT+ issues as ‘job done’.
He committed to continue to champion LGBT+ equality, get tough on hate crime and break down barriers to a fairer society committing to do more to ensure that trans rights are protected and those who identify as trans or intersex are able to live their lives with dignity.

He pledged to ensure in our schools that every young person feels safe and should not allow the authority of teachers to be undermined by parents who unreasonably take their children out of school.

He said during the campaign: “Our fantastic NHS must provide for all, including all of the LGBT+ community, and we must call on business to ensure that no one is discriminated against for their sexuality or gender.

“We have already made so much progress as a Conservative government in championing equality and LGBT+ rights, but we must continue to still reform our society step by step, bringing people together while celebrating how we are all different. 

“I hope to work closely with LGBT+ Conservatives, should I be elected leader, and will continue to champion a Government which believes in equality, fairness and freedom to love for all.”

Colm Howard-Lloyd
Colm Howard-Lloyd

Colm Howard-Lloyd, Chairman of LGBT+ Conservatives said: “As Mayor, Boris funded pride and banned anti-gay tube ads. In parliament he backed same-sex marriage, and as Foreign Secretary encouraged UK embassies to fly the rainbow flag, and had robust discussions with Commonwealth colleagues on progress needed. 

“However as a journalist he used some distinctly hurtful and unhelpful language, and that has dented the confidence of many in the LGBT+ communities.  I expect him to address that at an early opportunity. 

“The four-year LGBT Action Plan has made significant progress, achieving a third of its actions in the first twelve months, but significant work remains. As recent Conservative Prime Ministers have shown, that only comes about through strong leadership from the top. 

“During the Leadership race Boris made a number of commitments via LGBT+ Conservatives, and I look forward to working closely with the new Prime Minister and his team.  We have work to do!”