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LETTER TO EDITOR: Why is Brighton not doing more to help the Syrian refugees?

October 10, 2015

I am a disabled member of the Labour Party, all my links and information come from the internet, so please excuse any false details presented here, as I am not able to access hard copy of newspapers and magazines.


I have searched on the internet for a Labour opposition spokesperson to write about my concerns about the refugee crisis. I cannot find anyone from Labour who is working with the Tory, Richard Harrington appointed last month as ‘Minister for Refugees’ =

I am very upset that the Labour council where I live is only offering 5 families  refuge and is waiting for Government money to house more. Private landlords have come up with a further 14 homes.

I have done some searching on the internet and have found this to be the lowest in the country so far. The nearest to this paltry number is Swansea, Newport, Croydon and Oxford, all smaller than Brighton offering 50 homes.  Larger cities are offering 100 homes, whilst the majority of UK councils seem to be ‘in talks’.

Can I ask that Labour take the lead here and lobby for transparency and clarity?  I believe some refugees have already been brought over, but figures and location are secret.  I can understand why the Government may want to keep locations secret due to the increase in Islamophobia in the UK.

There seems to be a complete lack of urgency in the press and on television, the situation is now even worse with the imminent arrival of winter and the involvement of Russia.

There is a list at the bottom of this letter of council’s signed up as ‘City’s of Sanctuary’, Brighton and Hove is included on this list.

Please, will the Labour Group in Brighton starting providing reasonable provision of sanctuary for refugees with urgency?

How other cities are helping:

Newport Wales = 50 homes

Croydon, Surrey =  50 homes

Aberdeen = 100 refugees

West Midlands = possible 100 individuals

Plymouth = in talks

Leeds = 200 refugees

Edinburgh = 100 refugees

Glasgow = 100 refugees

Scotland = Total up to 1,000

Monmouth = numbers to be agreed

Swansea = 50 homes

Oxford = 60 individuals

North Yorkshire = in talks

Brighton = 5 homes

Brighton and Hove has signed up as a City of Sanctuary, a movement committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. Their network includes boroughs, towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, all committed to building this culture of welcome across every sphere of society. Wherever refugees go, they want them to feel safe and find people who will welcome them.

Name and address supplied