LETTER TO EDITOR: Thank you for supporting people with HIV

I would like to say thank you to the Rainbow Fund and everyone who raises funds for it.

Presenter the Broadcaster Andrew Kay

Presenter the Broadcaster Andrew Kay

The grant of £8.082 which Lunch Positive has received for 2017-18 will have a huge impact on over 140 people who use and volunteer for Lunch Positive.

We are especially grateful that the fundraising community and the Rainbow Fund understand and support the changing needs of people with HIV, and that they value grassroots community based services that are provided for people with HIV by people with HIV.

Lunch Positive is all about bringing people together within an accepting, non-judgemental supportive community space; sharing food, conversation, support and friendship; and providing specialist support were needed.

Advanced ill-health, challenging life circumstances, HIV stigma, social and economic disadvantage are sadly still enduring factors for many people, and we aim to provide support around these at all levels. On behalf of our wonderful volunteers and members – thank you for helping us do this!

Best wishes,

Gary Pargeter, Service Manager at Lunch Positive

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