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LETTER TO EDITOR: Legends and the cabaret tent at Pride

Tony Chapman August 28, 2019

Prior to Brighton Pride 2019 there was activity on social media discussing Legends sponsorship of the Cabaret tent at Preston Park, which we have done for many years.

I was disappointed to read that some venues across the city felt they were not given an equal opportunity to contribute to Pride. Consequently, their venues were not marked as headline sponsors.

As I am sure you remember, Legends has not always sponsored the Cabaret tent. In the years that I was not fortunate enough to sponsor the Cabaret Tent, I continued to sponsor the toilets and contributed towards the Parade Route advertising. I know this isn’t the greatest accolade to have at Pride, but I felt that contributing was still important for the City’s greatest annual event.

Therefore, I would like to invite all of the local LGBT+ businesses who have just had one of their most bountiful periods of the year to dig deep and contribute to Pride. Inevitably, the winter months will bring a period of austerity so I’m sure Pride will be happy to accept these contributions in advance for: Pride 2020.

As ever, Legends will continue to contribute to Pride. We are also very grateful that our customers help to fundraise throughout the year and look forward to welcoming you all to these events. In addition, I would also like to thank our amazing City for yet another fantastic Pride and look forward to seeing what is in store for next year’s Pride 2020.

Tony Chapman
Owner of Legends

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