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LETTER TO EDITOR: Do the Council have a charge on your property?

April 15, 2017

Three weeks ago I went to see my solicitor and happened to ask about extending the lease on my property.

He looked up the details at the Land Registry and saw that there was a charge put on the property by Brighton & Hove Council from 2004.

I remembered that this was when I had a loan from the Council for lift repairs which were paid off by me.

So not only did the Council get their money (plus interest) from me but if I ”popped my clogs” nobody would be any the wiser and the Council would get ”double bubble”.

Subsequently I got in touch with the Council’s legal department and they removed the charge. No apology, just “we have removed the charge”.

I would recommend anybody who had a similar loan to check it out with the Land Registry or their solicitor.

It also occurred to me that with current bills for repairs upcoming and loans being taken out, has everybody got confidence that this sort of thing couldn’t/wouldn’t happen again?

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