Lesbian group ‘Shakes up the scene’

Besi Besemar December 9, 2012

Shake up the scene is a new vibrant social networking group for women that sprung into action with it’s first event in April 2012. The organisers say they Identified that the women’s scene in Brighton was due an injection of fun, a group of lags sharing a shot of tequila decided to organise a good night out.

Inspired by a visit to London’s South Bank surfing, they clinked a glass, picked a date, organised a face book page, and chose a sparkling Brighton venue. ‘

Take 1’, the virgin social, attracted over 160 women, and Take 2,3,4 attracted similar number. The venues chosen to hold the events are thrilled with the business and atmosphere of the evenings; as are the women who have come.

Keeping the ball in motion, Shake up the scene are currently planning the 2013 calender. They aim to organise a social evening every 2-3 months, with an eclectic mix of events, including dance, cabaret, comedy night and a picnic on the beach. They intend to keep it free, simple and and welcoming to all women.

Their vision is to inspire women to mix, socialise and have fun. Simply go along and get to know some new women. As the word has spread Shake up the scene has attracted ‘outa towners’ to  and go along and get a slice of the action, and as the word spreads its getting bigger and more diverse.
Their last event was held at The Amsterdam Bar , on November 30, 2012  and what a blast!

They secured discounts for the women, and organiser say the staff were friendly and welcoming, creating a great vibe.

Their summer event was held at the Bandstand Café in September 2012. They are now now returning to their original venue, the very popular Merka Bar at MY Hotel to celebrate their anniversary over cocktails.

‘Take 5’ is on January 11 at 7.30pm onwards at MY HOTEL, Brighton

Contact and information. See our facebook page for regular updates on our next events, look out for our flyers