Learn the basic about Hepatitis C

Besi Besemar April 16, 2013

WEB.600NAM, a charity working to change lives by sharing information about HIV and AIDS, have announced the publication of four new illustrated leaflets to provide straightforward and accessible key information on hepatitis C.

The leaflets, titled Hepatitis C, Hepatitis C treatment, How hepatitis C is passed on and How hepatitis C is passed on during sex, have been created in collaboration with The Hepatitis C Trust and the Co-infection Alliance ensuring the information presented is relevant and accurate.

The publication of these leaflets forms part of NAM’s ‘the basics’ series, which breaks down complex information and presents it simply and memorably.

Each title covers a few key facts and the simple language and pictures bring the information to life, making them a perfect resource for patients or clients who do not have much prior understanding of HIV and hepatitis, whose first language is not English, who are less comfortable with written information, or who have lower literacy levels.

Hepatitis is one of the most common co-infections affecting people with HIV. It is passed on in many of the same ways as HIV and can be the cause of serious health problems. But it is treatable, and at the moment, there’s a lot of promising research into newer, better treatments for hepatitis C.

To download the hepatitis C leaflets, and other titles in The Basics series, CLICK HERE:  

These titles are also available in print, so if you would like a print copy, telephone 020 3242 0820

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