Landlord’s consent granted to new Pride organisers

Besi Besemar January 27, 2013


Landlord’s consent has been granted by Brighton & Hove Council to a new community grouping (CIC) headed up by Paul Kemp from Aeon Events, DJ Dulcie Danger and David Hill from E3 Entertainment Group to be the ‘Guardians’ and organisers of Pride 2013.

This year’s main event takes place at Preston Park on Saturday, August 3 and the Pride celebrations will include a two week LGBT Arts & Film Festival and the traditional Village Party on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4.

Norman Cook, International superstar DJ and recording artist, has pledged his support to the new Pride organisers. David Hill from E3 Entertainments Group has also agreed to sit on a financial scrutiny board along side Tony Chapman owner of Legends and David Calderhead owner of the Amsterdam Hotel to oversee ticket sales and make sure that local organisations receive £1 a head from every ticket sold which will be given to good causes.

Trevor Edwards has brought his skills to the new organisation after working with the owners of Stagfleet on last year’s successful event.

Paul Kemp, Dulcie Danger and David Hill have said they are delighted to be the ‘Guardians’ of this important event that is so essential to the LGBT community, businesses, LGBT organisations and the city.

Taking over the reins of such an iconic festival can be tricky but the ‘Guardians’ have made a point of listening to the public, businesses and the feedback from Pride 2012 to bring about positive solutions to flagged up concerns such as ticket purchasing, numbers of toilets and queues on Preston Park.

Pride is fully committed to engaging with the wider community for 2013 and the upcoming festival will cover a broader spectrum of events than ever before. New features will include an LGBT Film Festival, Arts Festival, improved winter pride and cultural events, rather than being focused on just the park festival and club nights alone.

The ‘Guardians’ of Pride recognise that the festival must play an all year round role in promoting the LGBT community and businesses, support local good causes and generally promote the city.

They will be regularly consulting with businesses and the community to ensure that Pride is reflective of the multi-faceted and diverse community that is Brighton & Hove.