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Lady Gaga visits The Albert Kennedy Trust in London

Besi Besemar December 8, 2016

One of the biggest pop stars on the planet visits The Albert Kennedy Trust to throw a spotlight on LGBT+ youth homelessness.


Global pop superstar Lady Gaga visited the offices of The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) in London yesterday, November 7,  where she spoke with a number of young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) people. Her visit threw a spotlight on LGBT+ youth homelessness.

The surprise visit, which was arranged by The Elton John AIDS Foundation, saw Gaga arrive at the office bearing gifts, blankets and lots of Christmas cake. A number of young LGBT+ people who are currently accessing AKT services met with Gaga, to talk about the impact AKT has had on their lives.


Gaga spent a few hours in the company of young people, staff and volunteers at AKT.

She said: “I went to the inspiring Albert Kennedy Trust in London to meet some homeless and suffering LGBTQ youth and #ShareKindness on behalf of the Born This Way Foundation They are so sweet, talented, and ambitious. But the holidays are very different for them so we brought some gifts and bonded, sharing our life stories and I did some research on what they really need to survive. They need positive words and donations to keep LGBTQ homeless children who were abandoned off the streets and out of shelters that are dangerous. They are normal good kids, I hung out with them all day. They deserve a real shot at life.”

Tim Sigsworth MBE
Tim Sigsworth MBE

Tim Sigsworth MBE, Chief Executive at AKT, added: “What an incredible day for The Albert Kennedy Trust, its young people and staff team. To have her support is incredibly important. The young people really did get so much out of it, she spoke to each of them individually and spent time really hearing them out. She truly is a beautiful person: authentic, insightful, empathic. Our young people will remember today for the rest of their lives. We’re proud to have Lady Gaga on board at AKT as an Ambassador and Patron. I’d like to thank everyone at The Elton John AIDS Foundation too, for helping to make today possible.”

Before leaving the office, Gaga left an empowering message on the office wall which said: “If you want to heal, you have to feel. Restore your dignity, reclaim your power.”


Following her visit, Lady Gaga posted on her social media accounts the importance of supporting AKT’s No Room For Hate campaign, and donating to The Albert Kennedy Trust.


To make a donation to AKT, click here:

Alternatively, you can text NRFH16 £10 to 70070 and donate £10 immediately.


The Albert Kennedy Trust provides safe homes – from emergency accommodation, to homes with Carers, mentoring, training and support to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This Winter, there are 15,000-20,000 homeless young people in the UK, with up to 24% estimated to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.