Kirby calls for quick action on Rottingdean unauthorised traveller encampment

Sarah Green April 10, 2015

Simon Kirby: Conservative Parlimentary candidate for Kemptown & Peacehaven
Simon Kirby: Conservative Parlimentary candidate for Kemptown & Peacehaven

Simon Kirby, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven has called on Brighton and Hove City Council and the Brighton and Hove Police to quickly disperse the unauthorised traveller encampment that is currently on the Rottingdean Golf Course, near to the A259.

As MP, Mr Kirby presented a petition to Parliament on the issue of unauthorised traveller encampments, which was signed by over 1,500 people.

After¬†beening contacted directly by residents, informing him of¬†the current position, Mr Kirby has immediately contacted both the Chief¬†Executive’s Office at Brighton and Hove City Council, and also the Chief¬†Superintendent of Brighton and Hove Police, and asked them to work¬†quickly to move on this encampment.

Mr Kirby, said:¬†“I have received multiple representations¬†from constituents, informing me about this unauthorised encampment, and I¬†have immediately raised this matter and called for immediate action. This is¬†not an appropriate site for an encampment.

I will continue to press the City Council to work faster to disperse traveller encampments across the City, and in particular on sensitive sites
such as this one”