Kings College London seek participants for LGBT+ healthcare research

Graham Robson August 9, 2019

King’s College London launches ACCESSCare C, a major piece of research to improve the communication between health and social professionals, and LGBT+ people living with or affected by serious illness.

LED by Professor Richard Harding and Dr Katherine Bristowe, conducted by Dr Debbie Braybrook, and funded by the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit Programme, the ACCESSCare team are looking for LGBT+ people over 18, and/or their partners, friends and relatives, who are facing a serious illness (such as cancer, organ failure, neurological conditions or other conditions that impact significantly on quality of life), for participation in a brief interview.

The findings of the interviews will be used to formulate evidence-based, best practice guidelines for future use by healthcare professionals and educators looking to practice and promote appropriate patient-centred care for LGBT+ people.

If you are interested in participating, email:, or telephone 0207 848 5627.

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