Is My Rabbit A Lesbian?

Alex Klineberg September 26, 2021

Gaydio duo Chris and Emma are back for a new comedy podcast. You may remember them for the breakfast show – they were and in many ways still are the voices of gay breakfasts. Their new podcast is called Is My Rabbit A Lesbian?

Chris and Emma always had real chemistry together, and that’s something you can’t fake in broadcasting (as some GB News presenters have painfully discovered). Their stint on Gaydio ended in 2018 when Chris moved to New York to be closer to his husband. Manchester is quite far away from New York, after all.

Although Chris and Emma are now separated by the Atlantic Ocean they are coming together in the podcast world, with a little help from their old ‘Producer Ellen’.

Is My Rabbit A Lesbian?

In a joint statement they gave a flavour of what to expect: “Every episode they each share a bonkers story that has somehow made the news – one from the UK, one from the USA. Each story raises a question which they endeavour to answer – such as ‘Should I do hot yoga in my bathroom?’, ‘How far would you go for Greggs sausage roll?’ and maybe even… ‘Is my rabbit a lesbian?’. You can expect life changing philosophical debate (sort of), embarrassing admissions, plenty of LGBT+ life affirming stories and lots of laughs.”

Chris said: “After waking up with each other for 8 years (steady now, only on the Gaydio Breakfast show!) We are absolutely thrilled to be back together for our new podcast all about lesbian rabbits. Expect some fascinating stories, laughs and a lot of heart. Basically it is the two of us completely oversharing. We can now finally tell the stories we weren’t allowed to tell on air!! And there are lots. We can’t wait for you to join us!”

Emma said: “I thought I’d got rid of him – but no! Now he sends me a zoom link every couple of weeks to talk about lesbian rabbits! I jest. I am THRILLED to be back with my radio husband. In the last year or so we’ve all suffered our own annus horribilis – and the one thing that’s kept me going is the joy and laughter that good friends like Chris and producer Ellen have brought me. So; no highfalutin aims I just hope this podcast does one of the most important things – puts a well deserved smile on your face and a big old laugh in your belly.”

The podcast market is now a very crowded field. There are podcasts on arguably every topic known to man. That being said, a good podcast works when the presenters have chemistry, and that’s why Chris and Emma’s podcast is likely to be a hit. Have a listen and decide for yourself whether Chris really did meet Madonna on the Madame X tour.

You can listen to the podcast here.