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INTERVIEW: Mike @ Affinity Bar Brighton

August 2, 2021

Affinity Bar on St James’s Street is a friendly LGBTQ+ bar in the heart of LGBTQ+ Brighton, offering cocktails, cabaret and karaoke. For full listings, visit the bar’s Facebook page.

Last month, Nick Cousin caught up with manager Mike to ask him what makes Affinity special and the latest events going on!

Affinity is at the heart of Kemptown, what makes it stand out?
The great thing about Kemptown there are lots of fabulous LGBTQ+ bars. It is important that there is a lot of bars because without that the scene would die. What we want to do at Affinity is to compliment others on what they are doing but also offering something slightly different. Our ethos is centred around quality of customer service. Quality in terms of; the look of the bar and how we keep it, how our staff look, the range of products, and the great cabaret we put on. All designed, hopefully, for people to have a great experience.

What makes quality customer service?
It’s a number of things. All our staff are encouraged to spend time talking to our customers, so they can get to know them. Most of our staff are university students, so they have an interesting background. They do spoke training in relations to our products. We do not allow mobile phones behind the bar. We encourage our staff to see where people are in terms of their drinks, so we can serve them quickly and they are getting what they want. We have a wide range of products. So, our staff can share with our customers some of the fantastic products we have. 

What is the biggest strength of Affinity?
Ultimately, to create memories. We have a lovely space. And, it comes down to our bar staff to deliver a quality of customer service. Which is supported by the quality product range and some of the best drag acts Brighton has to offer. It is that combination of great venue, great staff, and great entertainment that leaves our customers having a great night out to remember in the future.

Pride @ Affinity: August 5-8

What are the drink deals like?
We offer a broad range. Our value is middle range, it’s not the highest but it’s not the lowest. What we offer is quality products at an affordable price. We also do cocktail specials on Friday. Which is two for £13. All cocktails are handmade with quality ingredients and are never premade. At a great price and great deal. If someone likes Gin, we got a whole range of gins. We do a gin club every month and our staff can explain all the different types. So, we want to also encourage the customers to try something new. We also have a range of beers, vodkas, sparkling wines, what every you fancy when you come down, we will have something for you.

What events do you have planned?
We do Cabaret every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We have amazing line ups from now to the end the of year. Everyone’s favourites; Mrs Moore, Son of A Tutu, Sandra. Sadly, there is no Pride this year. But it is a special time so we will be having a small party. So, people can still celebrate the importance of pride.