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Bailey Anne Kennedy becomes first trans woman to hold the title of Miss Maryland USA

Graham Robson June 9, 2024

Bailey Anne Kennedy has become the first trans woman to hold the title of Miss Maryland USA.

In an Instagram post, the 31-year-old opened up about how her identity has played a role in her career, writing candidly about how she deals with detractors.

“Not everyone has to agree with the spaces that you occupy, and it doesn’t mean that you aren’t worthy of these opportunities,” she said.

“The work that I will do for the remainder of my life is to make sure that children who feel like me will never have to worry about the consequences of being who they are by simply being myself and being a positive contribution to society,” she continued.

“For the longest time, I never had the need to tell anyone,” she added. “Not because it’s a secret but it’s none of anyone’s business. To those who matter to me, they don’t care. Those that care about knowing such private and personal details, don’t matter.”

“I knew it was bigger than me. I knew it was going to mean a lot for all the LGBTQ+ kids out there who might feel like they don’t belong in a box — like me growing up,” she said, adding that she felt the full support of her “sisterhood” of her fellow competitors.

She also shared that she “hopes [her pageant win] will open up some doors, open up some hearts for people to see that there are many aspects of the LGBTQ+ community out there, and I hope I can be a positive contribution to society in making a difference.”

Kennedy is next set to compete for the title of Miss USA in Los Angeles on August 4.