Indian Trans Art Collective commissioned by Bangalore museum

August 6, 2020

A women and trans women art collective is behind the first ever public art commission for the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) in Bangalore, India.

The Aravani Art Project, also based in Bangalore, aims to create safe spaces for to express views about transgender rights and equality to a larger audience through art.

MAP will host their mural, The Story of Bangalore, which is set to be completed in a few weeks. This 70×20 feet artwork captures the myriad communities that live and breathe in Bangalore; from migrant workers who have built the glass-facade buildings in the city‚Äôs technology parks, to the IT workforce that populate them. The entire artwork visually weaves together the stories of hundreds of people who have made Bangalore their home.
This commission reflects MAP’s goal to be a space where art can reflect the multifaceted nature of their community.
For more info on the the Aravani Art Project, visit their website.