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Brighton & Hove City Council installs new CCTV and additional street lighting at The Level

Graham Robson April 12, 2023

Brighton & Hove City Council has announced the installation of new CCTV cameras and additional lighting at The Level in central Brighton, which have been installed on six-metre tall columns behind the Pavilion buildings to cover the whole park.

In addition to the CCTV cameras, the council has also installed additional street lighting to improve visibility and safety at night.

The aim, the council says in a release, is to “help us tackle the continued vandalism and tagging in the park”.

According to the council, The Level is subject to “increasing amounts of tagging and graffiti offences.”

The council goes on to say: “Tagging is unsightly and ruins the look and feel of the park which is an important green space for residents and local families. The tagged signage around the park cannot be cleaned and must be replaced because of the type of paint used which is costly for the council.

“The CCTV will be monitored and the council’s enforcement team will respond to graffiti and tagging offences immediately. Vandals caught in the act will be issued with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) and could be prosecuted. Any suspicious behaviour and crimes will be reported to Sussex Police by our team.

“The new CCTV cameras are better equipped to capture and record anti-social behaviour in action. As well as offering a 360 degree views of the park, the cameras have been designed to provide multidirectional video surveillance that our enforcement team can zoom in and see anti-social behaviour more clearly.”