Humanists launch Northern Ireland’s first billboards advertising legal same-sex marriages

Gscene Editorial Team November 6, 2019

Northern Ireland Humanists have erected the first billboards advertising legal same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland, marking the country’s progress towards an inclusive, tolerant society.

Northern Ireland Humanists, which conducts humanist marriages, funerals, and naming ceremonies, and has a long history of campaigning for human rights, including legal same-sex marriages, has erected eight billboards across central Belfast locations including on Boucher Road, Holywood Rugby Club, and Upper Library Street.

The billboards feature pictures of same-sex couples with the words ‘Love wins for everyone’, and promotes Northern Ireland Humanists’ bespoke, meaningful, non-religious wedding ceremonies, which are conducted by its highly trained network of celebrants.

Non-religious ceremonies are growing in popularity in Northern Ireland, particularly since humanist marriages gained legal recognition in 2018, and Northern Ireland Humanists has been inundated with same-sex couples wanting to get married in 2020 when the new law is expected to come into force.

Boyd Sleator, Northern Ireland Humanists’ Coordinator, said: “LGBTQ+ people in Northern Ireland have suffered for too long under archaic laws influenced by religious groups which have prevented same-sex couples from being able to legally marry. Marriage is a fundamental human right and these billboards celebrate equality, fairness, and the enormous progress that we’ve achieved.

“From next year, same-sex couples will be able to legally wed the person they love, and we hope people will choose a bespoke, humanist wedding to mark their special day.”