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HIV nurse historian undertakes new research project

Besi Besemar January 10, 2017

Dr Tommy Dickinson, a nurse historian at King’s College London is currently working on a project that is exploring the nursing care of people with HIV/AIDS before antiviral medication was readily available.

Dr Tommy Dickinson
Dr Tommy Dickinson

The project begins in 1981, with the first reported AIDS case in the UK, and continues until 1996, when the evidence base for antiviral medication became explicit, shifting HIV/AIDS from a terminal illness to a manageable chronic disease.

Whilst there have been histories written about HIV/AIDS, there has been almost nothing on the actual nursing work that was done caring for these people.

He is seeking people who would be willing to talk to him if you: 

♦ Were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS between 1981 and 1996


♦ Had a loved one die from HIV/AIDS between 1981 and 1996.

♦ Also/alternatively, do any of you have diaries, letters, photos or any other interesting material relating to HIV/AIDS during this period?

If you would either like to be interviewed, or have some material that may be of interest, then contact Tommy, with no obligation to continue if you decide not to.