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Help stop homophobia and transphobia – #Ask For Clive!

Besi Besemar July 21, 2019

#AskForClive – LGBT+ safety campaign gains nationwide momentum.

ASK For Clive is a new campaign that encourages entertainment establishments to show solidarity against discrimination, in the fight against homophobia and transphobia.

The initiative encourages people to Ask for Clive at the bar if they are feeling threatened or experiencing abuse – this coded phrase will then prompt staff to take appropriate action.

Venues are provided with a FREE rainbow window sticker to display which reads:

Everyone is welcome here.

This venue will not tolerate any form of discrimination. Should you see or encounter any form of abuse, please Ask for Clive at the bar and we will resolve the issue.

The campaign also provides detailed training material for staff – so that they know what the coded call-to-action means, how to offer support as needed and to handle the situation without compromising their own safety.

Venue managers also agree to a pledge which means they will ensure all staff are trained and will respond to requests for Clive accordingly.

Ask For Clive was piloted in St Albans and is now rolling out across the UK following its successful launch. The campaign featured on BBC Breakfast news in June and since then has received enquiries from over two hundred pubs and bars, restaurants and cafes, gyms and sports clubs, along with a host of other entertainment venues.

Danny Clare
Danny Clare

Campaign founder and community activist, Danny Clare says: “We have big plans and media support is critical to get the message out there and drive as many venues to sign up. We have some very big UK household names keen to join us and also lots of interest from across Europe and the USA. This campaign is about taking a stand to eradicate unacceptable behaviour and build a visible support network for everyone in the wider community. Mash will be supporting us in rolling out Ask For Clive across the UK. Ultimately, we don’t want anyone to ask for Clive. We want our supporting venues to be inclusive and for everyone to feel safe.”

For more information search #AskForClive.