Healthwatch to host End of Life webinar

Graham Robson May 12, 2021

Healthwatch in Sussex is inviting local people to discuss the sensitive and tough issues around end of life care at a webinar hosted by Healthwatch Brighton & Hove and local Healthwatch in East and West Sussex on Wednesday, May 12 at 12pm.

During the worst of the Covid pandemic Healthwatch Brighton & Hove published A Good Send-Off, a hard hitting report about the experiences of 15 people whose end of life care had been difficult and unsatisfactory.

The main finding of this report a year ago was that if people facing end of life care are supported by a specialist team providing personalised care their ending was dignified. Healthwatch Brighton & Hove found that if this was not the case, their hospital discharge and subsequent care at home was an ‘event’ and not a dignified process. 

Brighton & Hove City Council and the NHS accepted the report, all its recommendations and promised to fix the problems.

Fran McCabe, Chair of Healthwatch Brighton & Hove, said: “Perhaps there is nothing more important than how we support people in their final days of life. It is a basic measure of success or failure in our health and social care services.

“We have lost too many people to Covid, and families face bereavement and loss every day from long term illness. Now is the time for us to improve services to assure dignity and personal care for everyone.” 

To register for the webinar, CLICK HERE.