Brighton loneliness charity Together Co to launch Campaign for Social Health with Mr Motivator on Brighton Palace Pier

Graham Robson May 23, 2024

Brighton-based loneliness charity Together Co will launch the Campaign for Social Health with the help of fitness guru Mr Motivator at an event promoting the benefits of community and connection at Horatio’s Bar, Brighton Palace Pier, on Friday, June 14.

Together Co, which supports people who are lonely and isolated, wants Brighton & Hove to become the social health capital of the UK, and is shining a light on its importance during Loneliness Awareness Week.

It has joined forces with health and wellbeing coach, and motivational speaker, Mr Motivator, to bring the Motivational Experience, an afternoon of wellness for physical, mental and social health, to Brighton.

Mr Motivator will inspire and energise people with his infectious enthusiasm and positive vibes while supporting Together Co’s mission to create connections to change lives.

He said: “Your health and wellbeing is so important, not just your physical fitness and nutrition. It’s about taking care of your entire self, and that includes your social health.

“When we work with amazing charities like Together Co, we’re not just helping others – we’re strengthening our own social connections. Being part of a community, creating bonds, and ensuring no one faces life’s challenges alone is vital.

“Social health lifts our spirits, keeps our minds sharp, and gives us the support we need to thrive.

“So, let’s get moving. Remember, a healthy life is a happy life, and by supporting and encouraging each other, we can achieve amazing things together. #SayYeah!”

According to the Together Co, social health describes the “quality of relationships and community connections we have which lead to feelings of belonging, support and value. It is as fundamental to your wellbeing as your physical and mental health”.

Despite being included by the World Health Organisation in its definition of health since 1947, it is not as well recognised as physical or mental health, yet has a significant impact on our longevity, illness and overall wellbeing.

April Baker, Together Co CEO, said: “Our dream is for Brighton & Hove to become the UK’s capital for social health, and we have partnered with leading academic and social health expert Kasley Killam to better understand what must be done to make a lasting difference.

“This approach builds on our first-hand experience of the impact that making connections has on individual wellbeing.

“At Together Co, we speak to people who are lonely and socially isolated every single day, but while that is a symptom of the lack of connection in our society, it is not the problem – poor social connections and a lack of community – your poor social health, is.

“We would love for people to join us on the day which promises to be full of fun while championing health and wellness.”

Anne Ackord, CEO of Brighton Palace Pier Group plc, added: “The pier has been a place of connection for people for 125 years so what better way to celebrate the launch of Together Co’s Campaign for Social Health than an afternoon with Mr Motivator.

“We are looking forward to welcoming everyone for what promises to be a fantastic afternoon.”

More information and tickets for the Motivational Experience can be found on the Eventbrite page.