Gscene’s columnist Emma reflects on Transgender Day of Visability

Emma Rylands March 31, 2020

I was asked to write something about today.

I was asked to have some pictures taken for today.

I had said no.

No to both.  But I need to say something today

There is a pandemic going on and the entire world is suffering. People are dying all over and we are all on lockdown. Key workers around the world are risking their lives to save humanity. From doctors and nurses to refuse collectors, post office workers and supermarket employees, people are out there doing what they have to do so you and I can stay at home to help flatten the curve of new infections and stop this deadly virus.

How can I talk to you about our visibility day when in the last few weeks more than 37 thousand people around the world have been reported dead because of this pandemic. There are almost 30 thousand people currently in critical care who might be dead tomorrow and I’m expected to talk about trans day of visibility?

We are all collectively in the same situation and we are all as vulnerable against this virus. Some are obviously more vulnerable due to their health, age or socioeconomic status, but no one is immune to a pandemic. It is the first time, in my lifetime, where every single person around the world is dealing with exactly the same thing as I am.

And I’m to talk about how I am proud and honoured to be a transgender woman? Or write about the struggles I face on a daily basis just for living my life? Or how about the discrimination, abuse and hate I get from people that do not agree with my existence.

I am not going to write about any of these things and I am not going to celebrate my gender identity today because I might be dead tomorrow. My family might be dead tomorrow. My friends might be dead tomorrow.

I am however going to tell you that during this pandemic when we are all in danger, there are people out there profiteering by this situation. They are taking advantage of the fact that the whole world’s attention is on Coronavirus while they carry on with their vile and discriminatory work.

Yesterday in Idaho governor Brad Little signed two   anti-transgender bills into law. One of them being about transgender girls not being allowed to participate in sport at school. There are schools closed all around the world and he now found the right opportunity to discriminate and segregate little trans girls.

Here in the UK a trans hate group called LGB Alliance has applied to become a charity. While so many charities around the world are struggling whilst trying to help those in need, this group of biggoted discriminating narrow minded people who are segregating and excluding trans people are applying to become an actual charity. Where UK tax monies will then be used to increase to their donations.¬†There is a petition to make the Charities¬†Commission¬†aware of the hate this group spread, I’d urge you to sign it now.

We are currently going through and trying to survive  unprecedented times.

People around the world have come together to support one another and to try and help those in need. Kind humans are volunteering everywhere and we are all together praying for this pandemic to end as soon as possible and with as little fatalities as possible. Now is not the time to take advantage of this situation and spread your hate.

To all my fellow humans, be strong, be kind and be patient. This shall pass.

To all the key workers, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay safe, Emma.