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Gscene LGBTQ Election hustings: the candidates respond.

Gscene Editorial Team November 25, 2019

Ahead of the UK General Election we are hosting an LGBTQ Election hustings on November 27th. The G-Scene News Team has written to all candidates, in all three Brighton & Hove constituencies, asking them all the same question.

We shall share their answers with you as we get them over this week.

Today we hear from Peter Kyle from the Labour Party standing in Hove and Portslade.

“What do you see as the challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton&Hove, and how would you address them in Parliament if we elect you to represent us?”

The first thing that the LGBTQ+ community and all our allies must do is defend the rights we’ve already won.  Our rights and freedoms are under attack from populists and nationalists and other extremists and we must remind people why equality matters.

There’s a lot that young people can teach the rest of us when it comes to equality, but homophobic and transphobic bullying still exists in schools and needs tackling.

We can reach zero contraction for HIV, it’s in our reach, but only if prep is fully available.  And finally much more effort must go into understanding the needs of trans people and creating an atmosphere that is always respectful as we move forward.