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Gscene LGBTQ Election hustings: the candidates respond.

Gscene Editorial Team November 21, 2019

Ahead of the UK General Election we are hosting an LGBTQ Election hustings on November 27th. The G-Scene News Team has written to all candidates, in all three Brighton & Hove constituencies, asking them all the same question.

We shall share their answers with you as we get them over this week.

Today we hear from Lloyd Russell-Moyle from The Labour and Co-operative Party standing in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

“What do you see as the challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton&Hove, and how would you address them in Parliament if we elect you to represent us?”

When my boyfriend and I were assaulted in St James’ Street for kissing, the men didn’t do it because I was an MP, they did it because I am gay. Four years ago, my flat mate was beaten-up, teeth broken, outside our home in Kemptown because she is a lesbian. These are not one-off incidents, that’s why Diane Abbot pledged at the Rainbow Hub that Labour would support communities in tackling violence, and rooting out the causes of homo-, bi and trans-phobia.

As the first out MP for Kemptown, I challenged the PM on backtracking on LGBTQ+ education. When the government stalled PreP and HIV support, I came out as HIV+ to help destroy the stigma. When the government shelved the Gender Recognition Act, it was me that condemned them in the papers.

LGBTQ+ people are more likely to be homeless (24% of the homeless population) and are more vulnerable to exploitative landlords. So, I introduced a bill to protect deposits and provide legal aid for housing issues.

It’s disgusting that 44% (double the national average) of LGBTQ+ young people have considered suicide. As a former youth worker, I know how vital support is for young people during life’s transitions, hence my introduction of a bill to restore universal youth.

With me in Parliament you have someone who has lived experience of what it means to face these issues, and I will fight every day to ensure that LGBT+ equality becomes a fact not an aspiration.

The GScene LGBTQ+ Election Hustings. Wednesday 27th November 7 – 9pm. Dorset Gardens Methodist Church