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Greens select it’s councillor candidates for Queen’s Park ward

Besi Besemar January 18, 2019

Brighton & Hove Green Party selects it’s three candidates for the May 2019 council elections in the Queen’s Park ward: Lucy Agace, Martin Farley and Clare Rainey.

Lucy Agace, Martin Farley and Clare Rainey
Lucy Agace, Martin Farley and Clare Rainey

LUCY Agace said that Brighton is the most colourful, inclusive, friendly city on the English south coast; and there is nowhere else she would rather live.

She continued: “I love living by the sea and, over many years, it has inspired the work I do in sustainability and marine conservation. If elected as a Green Party councillor, I will have the chance to be at the heart of positive change towards a more environmentally friendly city and, with my fellow councillors, tackle local residents’ issues and be a strong voice for wider concerns.”

Martin Farley, who has long campaigned for affordable housing, lives in Brighton with his partner and their dog.

He said: “I am honoured to be selected for Queen’s Park and hope to continue the great work of previous Green councillors in this ward. I am committed to an inclusive, open-minded and positive approach to politics. And I am proud that Green councillors in Brighton & Hove have led the way in calling for a People’s Vote on Brexit.”

Clare Rainey works as a graphic designer specialising in the environmental sector and has lived in the Queen’s Park area of Brighton since 2002.

She said: “I am passionate about education, and improving our open spaces and city environment, and I am proud to be standing for a party that puts social and environmental justice first.”

Benedict Allbrooke
Benedict Allbrooke

Benedict Allbrooke, Chair of Brighton & Hove Green Party, said: “We are delighted to have such capable and experienced candidates standing for Queen’s Park.  The results in the last local election were very close and it will only take a small increase in votes to ensure Greens are elected this May.”

“In the May 2019 elections, Greens are united in standing up for a city that truly represents all its residents, and confident in our plans for a bigger, bolder, greener vision for Brighton & Hove.”