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Greens praise work of local suicide prevention group

Graham Robson September 10, 2016

Green councillors attend event marking Suicide Awareness Day today, helping local charity Grassroots Suicide Prevention raise awareness of suicide in the city.

Basic CMYKThe event, being held at the Synergy Centre, West Street has been part-funded by Public Health at Brighton & Hove City Council, as well as by community members who raised money for Grassroots and have funded a safeTALK (Suicide Alertness For Everyone) course.

Greens have praised the “invaluable” work of Grassroots Suicide Prevention, suicide prevention campaigners and other groups in seeking to tackle suicide rates and offer people support during crisis.

Cllr Dick Page
Cllr Dick Page

Green Councillor and spokesperson for Health & Wellbeing, Dick Page, says: “Brighton & Hove has had a higher rate of deaths by suicide than the national average for more than a century, and is ranked 136 of 144 local authorities for suicide rates.  It is essential that the Council, CCG and community groups like Grassroots work together to address this critical local issue, and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to support this vital work.

“At a time of increasing pressure on Council budgets, cuts to critical frontline services can have a devastating impact on vulnerable people.  While we as Councillors have a duty to ensure support is maintained to keep people safe from self-harm, abuse and neglect, we are increasingly reliant on the groundbreaking and practical work of Grassroots.

“As individuals we all must share responsibility for recognising and responding to our fellow residents who may be in need of help.  A friendly word or show of support is free, yet can sometimes make all the difference to people going through a difficult time”.