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Golden Handbags 2019 – The results!

Besi Besemar June 25, 2019

Brighton’s glitterati attend the 2019, Golden Handbag Awards at the Hilton Brighton Metropole on Sunday, June 23.

BIG winners at the 24th Golden Handbag Awards were POLYGLAMOROUS who took the Golden Handbags for Favourite LGBT+ Club Night and Favourite Trans Venue or Event along with Legends who took the Golden Handbags for Favourite Hotel, Large Bar and LGBT+ Club.

The evening was hosted by Lola Lasagne and staged on the Moulin Rouge set that was created for the Mid Summers Ball the previous evening at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel.

Extra special thanks to Reveries Event Production and Design who designed the sensational Moulin Rouge set, stage, lighting design and production on the evening, along with PSAV® and E3 Events who together were the events headline sponsors.

Guest entertainers were ex-Collabro star Richard Hadfield, Scottish funny lady Mary Mac, vocal powerhouse Gabriella Parrish and the classiest drag queen in the North Laines, Kara Van Park, looking sensational in black sequinned gown and feathers.

The evening was attend by the present Mayor of Brighton and Hove and MEP for South England, Cllr Alexandra Phillips and four former Mayors of Brighton and Hove,  Brian Fitch, Mo Marsh, Linda Hydes and Cllr Dee Simpson.

The line-up of presenters included Lloyd Russell-Moyle, MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, Cllr Phelim McCafferty, Maisie Trollette, Miss Jason, Drag With No Name, Alfie Ordinary, Sally Vate and Miss Disney.

Photographs courtesy of Nick Ford Photography. High resolution digital files or prints are available from £10 with 50% of all sales going to the Rainbow Fund.

Nick Ford Photography
, 19 Oxford St, Brighton BN1 4LA: telephone 07834 912247

Favourite Sunday Lunch

Winner – The Camelford Arms
Runner Up – Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen
3. Bedford Tavern
4. Legends
5. Regency Tavern
6. Marine Tavern

Favourite Brighton Hotel

Winner – Legends Hotel
Runner Up – Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen
3. Hilton Brighton Metropole
4. New Steine Hotel
5. Old Ship Hotel

Favourite Door Security

Winner – Sharon Walsh @Subline
Runner Up – Liz Blythe @Bar Revenge
3. Jill King @The Edge in Southampton
4. Mags West @Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen
5. Ali De Lacy @Legends

Favourite Business (non licensed) including saunas and cafes

Winner – Prowler
Runner Up – Brighton Sauna
3. Bone Idol
4. Cup of Joe Cafe
5. Diva Cafe

Favourite Out of Town Venue

Winner – The Edge in Southampton
Runner Up – Rottingdean Club in Rottingdean
3. Hampshire Boulevard in Portsmouth
4. Two Brewers in London
5. Black Horse in Rottingdean

Favourite Scene Personality including Door Hosts

Winner – Paul ‘Polly’ Thompson @Subline
Runner Up – Sam Pink @Bulldog
3. Alfie Ordinary
4. Precious Hilton
5. Lydia L’Scabies

Favourite Mixed Venue

Winner – Charles Street Tap
Runner Up – Rottingdean Club
3. Bedford Tavern
4. Camelford Arms
5. Bulldog
6. Marine Tavern

Favourite Local Entertainer (singer)

Winner – Miss Disney
Runner Up – Gabriella Parrish
3. Jason Lee
4. Jason Thorpe
5. Jamie Watson
6. Jennie Castell

Favourite LGBT Voluntary Sector Organisation

Winner – MindOut
Runner Up – LGBT Community Safety Forum
3. Switchboard
4. Allsorts
5. Rainbow Hub

Favourite HIV Organisation

Winner – Sussex Beacon
Runner Up – Lunch Positive
3. THT (Terrence Higgins Trust)
4. Martin Fisher Foundation
5. Peer Action

Favourite Sports Organisation

Winner – Sea Serpents RFC
Runner Up – BLAGSS
3. Gay Men’s Dance Company
4. Trans Can Sports
5. Out to Swim

Favourite Music Group including Choirs

Winner – Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus
Runner Up – Actually Gay Men’s Chorus
3. Rainbow Chorus
4. Brighton Belles
5. Resound Male Voices

Favourite Community/Social/Leisure Networking Organisation

Winner – Brighton Bear Weekend
Runner Up – Bear-Patrol
3. Gay Men’s Dance Company
4. Rainbow Families
5. Older & Out

Favourite Venue for Women

Winner – Velvet Jacks
Runner Up – Legends
3. Marlborough
4. Bar Revenge
5. Crown Pub Kemptown

Favourite Trans Venue or Event

Runner Up – Trans Pride
3. Marlborough
4. Legends
5. Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen

Favourite Bar (Small Capacity)

Winner – Bar Broadway
Runner Up – Grosvenor
3. Queens Arms
4. Affinity Bar
5. Subline
6. Bulldog
7.Regency Tavern

Favourite Bar (Large Capacity)

Winner – Legends
Runner Up – Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen
3. Charles Street Tap
4. Bar Revenge

Favourite Two Bar Persons

Winners – Ashley Beachey and Sam Stephen @Charles Street Tap
3. Wendy James @Velvet Jacks
4. Jefferson Santana @Bar Revenge
5. Harry Barnard @The Edge In Southampton
6. Sam Whitbourne @Legends
7. Ian Sinclair @Subline
8. Danny Stone @Subline

Favourite Brighton DJ

Winner – Claire Fuller @Basement Club
Runner Up – Darcy Buckland @Revenge & The Edge in Southampton
3. Toby Lawrence @Revenge
4. Patrick Crawley @Basement Club @Legends
5. Bertie Clarke @Revenge

Favourite LGBT+ Club Night

Runner Up – Glitter Curious @Basement Club @Legends
3. Fomo @Revenge
4. El GeeBee Tea Queue @The Brunswick
5. Club Silencia @Subline

Favourite Gay Club

Winner – Basement Club @Legends
Runner Up – Revenge
3. Subline
5. The Edge – Southampton
6.Envy @Charles Street Tap

Favourite Cabaret Venue

Winner – Queens Arms
Runner Up – Bar Broadway
3. Legends
4. Charles Street Tap
5. Grosvenor
6. Affinity Bar

Manager/Landlord of the Year

Winner – Collin Day
Runner Up – Adam Brooks
3. Phil Sherrington
4. Jackie Perry
5.Michael McGarrigle

Favourite Local Entertainer (drag)

Winner – Drag With No Name
Runner Up – Kara Van Park
3. Sally Vate
4. Davina Sparkle
5.Pat Clutcher