Give your views on pet shop licensing

Besi Besemar September 3, 2014

Pet shop owners in Brighton and Hove are being asked for their opinion on animal welfare following new and improved licensing laws being introduced on their premises.


The information gathered by Brighton and Hove City Council will be distributed to potential pet owners, highlighting what is already monitored in pet shops around the city: health, cleanliness, exercise facilities, food and drink and pet care advice.


The council also have plans to bring the innovative EMODE leaflet and questionnaire into the limelight. Produced by the Animal Protection Agency and designed by scientists and vets, it is dubbed a ā€œscientific tool” towards assessing the suitability of a particular animal as a pet for any given family.


With twelve pet shops already in line, and having recently extended the scope of the campaign to residents, they hope the research will provide a vital step towards providing continuity in animal welfare.


Residents have until September 29 to fill in the questionnaire. which can be found at: