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Gen Z celebrates Pride on Yubo

June 19, 2020

Millions of 13 – 25-year-olds will take over Yubo, the social platform specifically created for Gen Z, to celebrate Pride on Saturday, June 20.

A host of young influencers will be joining their fans and fellow Yubo users by hosting live streams during the day, including confessional Q&As, sharing Pride experiences and Pride make-up tutorials with a twist, helping fans to have fun with and get closer to their favourite influencers.

Amir Ghaffar, Yubo user and influencer, said: ‘Pride is more than a celebration of our identity, it’s a feeling of community. When we stand and walk together, we’re reminded that we have each other. For teens like myself, this can be life-changing as it’s one of the first times we’re able to truly be ourselves and we realise that we have an entire community of people who love and support us.’

Yubo has also partnered with UK-based LGBTQ+ helpline, Switchboard. Together, they have worked on a campaign that aims to promote tolerance, acceptance and affirmation of one’s identity. Thought-provoking messages such as ‘Am I the only one who feels like this?’, ‘I feel trapped in my body’ and ‘If this is who I am, why do I feel ashamed?’ are sent to Yubo’s teenage users in the UK, in a bid to encourage those who are struggling with their gender identity and sexuality to telephone the helpline for advice support.

A recent survey of Yubo users showed that one third of Gen Z consider themselves to be activists. With Pride being born out of activism, it is more important than ever for this young generation to be given a chance to come together with their friends and their community, to celebrate those who have come before them, and the future ahead.

Sacha Lazimi, Yubo CEO & Co-Founder, said: ‘From the earliest days of Yubo back in 2015 and through to today, we have been so pleased to hear of the benefits Yubo has brought to our LGBTQ+ users who have found friends, happiness and support through the app.

‘We’re excited to be helping our users to keep this wonderful tradition alive while we are currently unable to do so in person.’

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