Three-quarters of those living in the UK favour same-sex marriage, new study shows

Graham Robson December 21, 2023

Think tank the Pew Research Centre has published a study showing which countries’ residents support same-sex marriage the most, and which countries have the lowest level of public support.

The findings show that Sweden has the highest level of support for legal same-sex marriage, with 92% of adults favouring it, while the UK comes in at eighth with 74% of the population favouring same-sex marriage. At the other end of the scale, in Nigeria only 2% of adults back legal same-sex marriage, which is the least amount of support of the 32 countries surveyed.

Researchers found that Western European residents are among the strongest supporters of gay marriage. However, gay and lesbian marriages have less support in other parts of Europe with just four in 10 of adults in Poland and three in 10 in Hungary supporting same-sex marriage. Despite same-sex marriage not being legal in Italy, 73% of respondents are in favour of it being allowed.

In North American, Canadians are the most in favour of same sex marriage, with a total of 79% supporting the right, while only 63% of those in the US, which legalised same-sex marriage in 2015, are in favour of it.

In Africa, South Africa – the only place where same-sex couples can legally marry – about 59% of South Africans surveyed oppose the practice.

The researchers found that support for legal same-sex marriage is lower in places where residents say religion is ‚Äúsomewhat‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúvery important‚ÄĚ in their lives.

The Top 10

No. 1: Sweden (total in favour: 92%)

No. 2: Netherlands (total in favour: 89%)

No. 3: Spain (total in favour: 87%)

No. 4: France (total in favour: is 82%)

No. 5: Germany (total in favour: is 80%)

No. 6: Canada (total in favour: is 79%)

No. 7: Australia (total in favour: is 75%)

No. 8: United Kingdom (total in favour: is 74%)

No. 9: Italy (total in favour: 73%)

No. 10: Japan (total in favour: 68%)

At the bottom

No. 28: Sri Lanka (23%)

No. 29: Malaysia (17%)

No. 30: Kenya (9%)

No. 31: Indonesia (5%)

No. 32: Nigeria (2%)

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