Cast your vote in GAYDAR’S ‘GENERAL ERECTION’!

June 20, 2024

Politics may be a bit of a boner-killer, but what if instead of voting in a General Election, you could cast a vote in a General Erection?

The guys at Gaydar are inviting their users to throw their hat into the ring in the traditional way, by submitting a dick pic.

“Just like any other voting process, it’s very subjective as to who gets your attention…” explains Gareth Johnson, Gaydar’s director of marketing and communications. “Bigger does not mean better, this is all about showcasing what you’ve got to offer.”

“Bigger does not mean better, this is all about showcasing what you’ve got to offer.”

“Nominations are coming in from all around the world…” added Johnson. “We’re going to have some really impressive candidates – everyone’s going to have a hard decision when the polls open.”

The winner of Gaydar’s General Erection will be announced on 4 July – the same date that the UK will find out who will be forming the country’s next government.

“We’ve been in the business of helping men come together for over 25 years…” says Johnson.

“Lots of things have changed since Gaydar was launched but what has remained consistent is our need to connect with others. Our experience shows us that exchanging a quality dick pic is a really effective way to start a conversation.”

Top tips for taking a vote-winning dick pic:

– Experiment with different angles. A top-down perspective is generally flattering for most guys, but test out the options to decide what works best for you.

– Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting. Your pic should feel warm and inviting, not cold and clinical.

– Avoid props. Don’t over-promise on what you’re actually going to deliver.

– There’s more to manscaping than just trimming and shaving. Moisturise your dick before taking the photo – give it a healthy glow.

– Don’t take it too seriously – it’s just a dick pic. Put it out there, send a few DMs, see where the conversations take you.

Gaydar is available to download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.