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Galliard Apsley Partnership contributes £40,000 to Birmingham AIDS & HIV Memorial Fund

Catherine Muxworthy May 25, 2022

The Galliard Apsley Partnership has contributed £40,000 to the Birmingham AIDS and HIV Memorial Fund. The memorial was founded by artist Garry Jones who saw a need to commemorate the Birmingham lives lost during the AIDS epidemic while also raising awareness and celebrating those living in the area with HIV today who are able to live healthier lives thanks to developments in treatments.

The memorial received planning permission in September 2021, and it is hoped that the sculpture, which will be created by Black-country-born Luke Perry, will be unveiled on December 1 for World AIDS Day. The sculpture will feature two entwined heart-shaped red ribbons; a reflection of the symbol used for the World AIDS Day ribbons.

Garry Jones explains: “The ribbons represent the dual entities of HIV and AIDS: the past and the future and symbolises remembrance of those lost to AIDS, whilst simultaneously celebrating those who are now able to live healthier lifestyles with HIV today.

“The sculpture will also serve as a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to educate, ending stigma and discrimination.”

The generous donation from Galliard Homes and Apsley House Capital brings this memorial one step closer to reality, however further funding is still need to reach the goal of £218,000.

To donate, CLICK HERE or scan the QR code.

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