Future of Meridan Centre in Peacehaven discussed

Besi Besemar April 21, 2013

Simon Kirby, MP
Simon Kirby, MP

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has held a meeting in Parliament with representatives from the Co-operative group to discuss their management of the Meridian Centre in Peacehaven.

Mr Kirby recently issued a survey in the Peacehaven area to seek residents’ thoughts on the state of the important community facility, and he received over 1000 replies. It was clear from the responses that local people value the Meridian Centre, however many feel that it is not living up to its potential due to problems with disrepair, vandalism, empty shops and underuse.

Simon, said:

“I arranged a meeting with Co-Op representatives in order to convey to them the concerns that I frequently heard from local people in response to my recent survey regarding the Meridian Centre.

“I am pleased that the Co-Op group acknowledged many of the problems that have been raised, and they are assessing a number of ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of the centre as well as the facilities that are available there. They confirmed to me that they will look to improve the shabby exterior signage, refurbish the toilet facilities and increase recycling services. They are also currently offering very favourable terms to potential tenants in order to attract more businesses to the Meridian Centre.
“The Co-Op are also keen to re-launch the Meridian Centre as a vibrant community hub, and they are in the process of seeking licenses to allow them to host events for local schools, businesses and charities at the site. I have pledged to do what I can to help, and I have written to relevant parties in support of the group’s license applications.
“I was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with the Co-Op. I will continue work with them and communicate with my constituents over the importance of this very important local resource.”