Fundraising News

Fundraiser launched to help Birmingham trans youth group empower young trans and non-binary people

Catherine Muxworthy November 10, 2023

A GoFundMe has been launched for the Birmingham-based trans-lead youth group, Emerge. Run by Birmingham LGBT since 2015, Emerge, a group for trans, non-binary, gender fluid and gender questioning people age 13-19 in the West Midlands, seeks to fundraise £3,000 which will allow them to keep their service running.

During its eight years of running, Emerge has held discussions on topics such as self-identity, building self-esteem, trans and LGBTQ+ history and Black History Month. They have also hosted a variety of trans-led activities including writing workshops, zine-making, personal style and art, as well as organising and paying for trips to both Birmingham Pride and Brighton & Hove Trans Pride. What’s more, the youth group have also been able to provide one-to-one support for group members to help them navigate their identity and build confidence.

“I’ve had a great laugh and it’s helped me feel less isolated and more accepting of my gender identity,” one Emerge group member explained.

“Over 80% of group members have reported improved mental wellbeing, less isolation and improved confidence,” states Emerge, “This important work was funded by grants from Children in Need, and thanks to their help, Emerge has been able to help and empower over 50 young people since it began. This funding stream has now come to an end.

“Now, we need your help to keep this valuable service running. The money you donate will go towards helping to provide support, affirming experiences and workshops, helping us to keep empowering young trans and non-binary people to be their best, most authentic selves.”

Donations to support Emerge’s services can be made online.