Don’t bin food, join Bin Cooking!

Besi Besemar November 30, 2018

Brighton-based community project launches new website to help people cook meals with food they’d otherwise throw away.

BIN Cooking, set up a year ago by local residents to tackle food waste, has uploaded almost 50 recipes using ingredients we often buy too many of but then dump; like broccoli, peppers, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and aubergines.

The website is an extension of Bin Cooking’s bi-monthly community cooking sessions at the Brighton Friends’ Meeting House.

Locals take food that would otherwise be thrown away with the challenge of working together to turn the items into a delicious meal.

Each recipe on the site is vegetarian or vegan and has been made, tried, and tested at the sessions – and are now available for everyone to try.

Bin Cooking co-founder Vicky Karidopoulou said: “We all have left over food lying in the cupboard or fridge that we don’t know what to do with. It usually goes off and ends up in the bin.

“The website will help people find a tasty and satisfying recipe for those unwanted or left over items. The recipes are classified according to ingredient, helping people search for ideas on how to make a meal out of unusual combinations of food that could end up being wasted.”

She added: “We’ve already held more than 35 Meeting House sessions and they’re always fun. We’re always excited to find out what our ingredients will be and learn new tips and tricks at every session which help us tackle food waste through creativity.”

The sessions, supported by Fareshare Sussex and through donations received from Tesco and Waitrose in Brighton, are held twice a month from 6pm-8.30pm and cost £5.

If your interested sign up on the online Meetup platform here: