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DJ PROFILE: Summer Ghemati

Queen Josephine July 26, 2017

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a little event happening in Brighton & Hove this month… As the sun no doubt shines beautiful rays down on our fabulous city, the UK’s finest Pride weekend is only moments away!

This month, Queenie catches up with the gorgeous DJ Summer Ghemati to hear about her plans for the joyous celebrations.

Hello, how are you? Hey, I’m really good thank you. Excited for Pride!”

Where do you DJ?  “Well… at Pride you can catch me playing the Girls’ Dance Tent in the Park, which is gonna be super fun! I’m playing twice, firstly 12-1pm and then again from 7-8pm which are wicked slots. Also, I’m at Lovebeat Pride special at Coalition with Maze and Masters, Sami Kubu and Ellie Cocks. Apart from Pride you can hear me in Sankey’s in Ibiza, for Care3, New London plus at the legendary Beyond and A:M.”

What music rocks your world these days?  “All sorts, but I’m a groover at heart so I love anything with a good bassline and a fair bit of percussion. I love me a good bongo roll, haha! I’m liking the sounds of artists like Marco Corola, Joey Daniel, George Smeddles and Jader Ag.”

What’s so good about Brighton Pride? “Pride is special because of course it’s about equality for the LGBT+ community – but also it’s such fun! I get to party with all my favourite people in one place and I get to take my auntie to Pride as well, so it really is a day for all to celebrate!”

Standout tune you’ll be playing at Pride?  “YES – Homeless by Ralo, Strada & Jay De Lys. I’ve been banging this out for a month or so. It always gets an amazing reaction and bridges the gap between classic and tech house.”

Any amazing Pride memories? “Every Pride has been special to me, but my first one was the best! Seeing Verity Maze play the Wild Fruit Tent before she became part of a duo was unreal…”

Fave tune ever?  “Impossible! Okay, it’s got to be Just Sing by Distant People featuring Patrick Chappell, Muthafunkers remix. Soulful vibes.”

Guilty pleasure? “Joss Stone and 2am trips to McDonalds!”

Describe yourself in three words! “Passionate, energetic and sarcastic (in a nice way!).”

Summer Ghemati’s current top five: 

♦ Mirco Caruso Moover Nervous Inc.

♦ Jader Ag Ooga Booga Habla Records

♦ Bassel Darwish My Groove Habla Music

♦ Joey Daniel Crossing Borders Noexcuse Records

♦ Roberto Surace Sunrise In Ibz Proper Musique