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Disabled people to have their voices heard

Besi Besemar March 2, 2015

Nancy Platts, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, is organising a conference on Thursday, March 19 at St. Mary’s Church community hall in Kemp Town.

Nancy Platts: Labour parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown & Peacehaven
Nancy Platts, Labour parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

The purpose of the conference will be to make the concerns of disabled people known to politicians, business leaders and public service providers.

The event will ask disabled people what services or facilities would help make their lives better and pose questions about barriers to employment. The debate will also examine how transport and access to support, advice and information can be improved to enable disabled people to live independently.

Kate Green MP, Shadow Minister for Disabled People, will be attending the event, designed to bring together disabled people with those who make decisions that affect their day-to-day lives and their ability to live independently.

Nancy Platts said: “If elected as MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven I will ensure Brighton residents can hold decision-makers to account. This conference will give disabled people the chance to speak directly to those who run the services that have such an impact on their everyday lives.

“We know disabled people want to work, but that more needs to be done to give them the opportunity to find employment.

“The repeal of the hated Bedroom Tax, more accessible transport and services are just part of the solution – we also need to encourage more businesses to offer jobs to disabled workers.”

To register for the event on Thursday, March 19, click here:

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Or telephone Nancy’s office on: 01273 690 274.

If you have any access requirements or require this information in an alternative format let the organisers know when booking your place.