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Council of Ex Muslims of Britain announces one day conference

Paul Gustafson January 9, 2015

Councils of Ex-MuslimsThe Council of Ex Muslims of Britain (CEMB) has announced a one day conference in February examining the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo assassination and remembering the many others persecuted for criticising Islam and religion.


SHARIA LAW, APOSTASY AND SECULARISM will take place on February 7, 2015 near Kings Cross in London.

The programme will include discussions on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of expression, apostasy and blasphemy laws, Islamism and the religious-Right, Sharia in the Law, the Educational System and Public Policy, as well as Secularism and Citizenship Rights.

The conference will also discuss successful campaigns against the Law Society and Universities UK, and how the fight for equal rights, the end to discrimination against ex-Muslims, and the right to free expression are crucial in the fight against Islamism and the religious-Right, and for promoting a secular society.

Speakers will include Activist Ahmed Idris, Campaigner for Secular Education,  Aliyah Saleem, Spokesperson for CEMB, and Secular Activist Chris Moos, Director of the Centre for Secular Space.

Ticket prices are £15 for unwaged, £20 for waged, and £25 for organisations.

For further information, draft agenda and full speaker biographies, click here: