Could you give a child a foster home?

Kat Pope May 19, 2013

Fostering NetworkFoster carers, gay or straight, are always desperately needed. It is estimated that a further 9,000 foster families are needed across the country in the next year alone, with a particular need for people to foster teenagers, sibling groups and disabled children.

The charity commissioned a new survey into the state of foster caring in the UK and the results are scary. It showed that existing carers are having to take in more and more children due to the lack of new families volunteering. This is not good for a child as it means that they will ultimately have to be moved yet again when a more suitable place is found for them.

The shortage also means that children are being moved too far away from their families, are unecessarily split up from siblings, and are forced to move schools.

“I lived in 42 different homes in five years as a very young child,” says care leaver Clare Marshall, “but when I was eight I went to a foster carer who is now my mum to me. I’ve had stability since then but it’s also been extrememly difficult to get over the trauma of my early years.”

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