Street Safety

Besi Besemar June 27, 2012

Local residents are concerned that street lights around New Steine Gardens in St James Street, part of theGay Village and an area which is a hot spot for Hate Crime have not been working for the last few months.

Despite numerous reports to the City Council the lamps have not been repaired and concerns are growing that as days get shorter and nights darker, the safety of local residents and LGBT visitors to the street is being compromised.

Chris Cook, Chair of The LGBT COmmunity Safety Forum said:

“Lack of adequate street lighting in St.James’s street is a major concern for the LGBT Community Safety Forum and an issue we have raised it numerous times with council officers, but to no avail.

“Lanterns are left un-operational for months on end, we don’t have enough lighting units on the street and those we do have are equipped with inadequate wattage to be of any effective use.

“I believe these lighting problems are having a direct link to the rise in anti-social behaviour we are witnessing in the area, and ‘black spots’ on the street are actively encouraging such behaviour.

“We need immediate action to resolve the situation and make St.James’s a desirable and safe destination once more”

Local businessman Mike Dally from Cardome card and gift shop said:

“I have been reporting the light outside my shop 47, St. James’s Street, the one adjacent to New Steine Gardens and the light opposite the Co-op store for several months to the Council now without any result.

“As a result I have been leaving my shop outside lights on at night to try and minimise the problem. I’m quite concerned that the council rely on the general public to report light failures.”

A response has been requested from the Council.