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Trans student “overwhelmed” after attending garden party at Buckingham Palace

Graham Robson May 18, 2024

Charlie Murray-Edwards, a trans student who became homeless while struggling with his identity as a trans man, said it was “incredible” to be invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

Charlie, from Guernsey, had been left sofa-surfing aged 16 after he found it difficult to live at home. He was asked to attend the palace by the charity Action for Children, whose night-stop service on the island was used by Charlie.

Charlie, who spent time in foster care, said the Royal occasion left him with an “overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride”.

“The garden party at the palace was an incredible moment, and to also be one of the youngest in attendance was a great honour,” he said.

“Seeing the difference I can make through events reassures me that my adverse childhood wasn’t wasted and that it isn’t a defining factor of my character.”

The student explained that when he was first made homeless, he did not think he would even complete his A Levels.

Asked what the most memorable thing about his trip to the palace was, he said, “that the royal band played nearly the entire ABBA discography”.

“I had no idea His Majesty was such a fan,” he said.