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Trans Liberation Front Brighton rallies against Posie Parker’s bigotry

June 24, 2024

In an electrifying show of solidarity, a diverse and vibrant coalition of grassroots activists and allies rallied at the weekend in Victoria Gardens, Brighton to stand up for trans and LGBTQ+ rights. The event, organised by the Trans Liberation Front Brighton, was a powerful counter-protest against the neo-fascist provocateur Posie Parker, who attempted to spread anti-trans hate in the heart of our city.

With chants of “Trans Liberation Now!” echoing through the streets, the counter-protest attracted an impressive crowd of around 300 passionate supporters, vastly outnumbering Parker’s meager following of approximately 40. The atmosphere was one of unity and defiance, as people from all walks of life came together to denounce bigotry and champion inclusivity.

Police presence was minimal and relaxed, with no reports of trouble, highlighting the peaceful yet resolute nature of the demonstration. It appears that the momentum of Parker’s recruitment efforts has waned significantly, as the overwhelming response from the pro-trans community showcased Brighton and Sussex’s unwavering support for TNBI and LGBTQ+ rights.

This massive turnout is a testament to the strength and resilience of the trans and LGBTQ+ community and their allies. The message was clear: hatred and intolerance have no place here. Trans Liberation Now!

Key Points:

  • Event: Counter-protest organised by Trans Liberation Front Brighton
  • Location: Victoria Gardens, Brighton
  • Participants: About 300 protesters vs. approximately 40 of Parker’s supporters
  • Atmosphere: Peaceful, diverse, and united
  • Police Response: Minimal, no trouble reported

Brighton continues to shine as a beacon of acceptance and diversity, standing firm against those who seek to sow division. The Trans Liberation Front Brighton has once again proven that love and solidarity will always triumph over hate.