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MindOut to hold first WELLFEST in collaboration with Radical Rhizomes and supported by UK Black Pride

Graham Robson March 27, 2023

LGBTQ+ mental health charity MindOut, in collaboration with Radical Rhizomes and supported by UK Black Pride, will be holding their first WellFest at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton on Saturday, April 1 from 1.30pm. For tickets, CLICK HERE

All are welcome to this free festival of wellness workshops, connection and community, which are led by and centring LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Doors open at 1.30pm with events starting at 2pm. A communal meal will be served by Simply Veg Brighton from 5 Р6pm.

Jilna Shah

Rest and Restore with Jilna Shah at 2.15pm 

This taster workshop will provide an opportunity to become a bit more still.¬†You will be guided to become connect more deeply with¬†your bodies, hearts and minds. Through gentle, chair-based movement, self-massage, and deep‚ÄĮrest, Jilna will share some tools to help participants to begin to explore possibilities for coming out of this mode of being.¬†Make sure to take a towel or mat with you to attend this workshop. No admittance once the¬†workshop has started.¬†Check out Jilna Shah HERE

Irish Shaktidas

Chakraize Your Life with Dirish Shaktidas at 3pm

Dirish will give a guided yoga and movement experience, that will enliven your chakras, put the sizzle in your soul, and chakrasizee  your life! Boost and balance body, brain and coordination. Increase your dynamic energy, and awaken creative juices! Guided through the seven stages from start to finish. Ending in a blissful relaxation. Open to all levels. Check out Dirish HERE

Adriana Lord

Sounds From Home: A Voice Workshop with Adriana Lord at 3.45pm 

Adriana will guide a group singing session focused on listening, using and exploring voices through improvisation and voice work. Also, there will be movement, breathing and relaxation with an appreciation of multicultural music and singing, including traditional Afro-Cuban songs with instruments and a capella. The workshop uses theatre techniques and games to strengthen group work and as a support for improvising and performing. 

No experience needed. 

Check out Adriana Lord HERE 

Melanie Kalay

Sound: Somatics: Rest & Digest with Yes Mel/Melanie Kalay at 4.15pm

Melanie’s therapeutic workshop will rewire and rejuvenate the cells, shift blocked energy and increase your awareness through the process of sound and somatics. 

It’s a chance to connect with your body and allow it to then receive the healing vibrations of the sound waves, which also assist with regulating the nervous and digestive system. 

No experience is required, and this is open to all abilities and bodies. 

Check out Melanie Kalay HERE

Emiok Ishii

Bhangra & BollyBell Workshop with Emiok Ishii at 6pm 

Emiok’s works offer the opportunity to learn the foundation steps in Bollywood, Bellydance and Bhangra that you can take onto any dance floor! No matter what age, background and dancing experience, there is something for everyone! 

Egyptian style Belly dance, or Baladi, is the most common style of dance in Egypt today. It is energetic and danced to the most popular music. Arabic belly dance uses the toro and hips. The combination of the two styles will bring more body awareness and control of your movements. Belly Dancing promotes balance, strength, digestion, coordination and confidence as well as being a fun and highly expressive dance form. 

Bhangra is an Indian style of dance from the region of Punjab. The dance reflects movements of farming and celebration. This high energy form of dance will definitely get your heart pumping. 

DJ Mimi

DJ Mimi at 6.30pm 

Celebrate the end of Wellfest with music from around the world from international artist and Brighton & Hove DJ Mimi. Check out DJ Mimi HERE

For tickets, CLICK HERE