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COLUMN: One Gay Man and His Love of Dogs, by Matt Rood of Rooddog

December 28, 2022

Many thanks for all the positive feedback from our first column last month. It’s great to be able to write about my experience as a gay man running a Brighton business. We all have experiences to share so please do let me have feedback on (I do get those emails!).

Christmas having just gone, we always see bookings become more erratic, as households slow down and spend more time at home together – including furry family! We are still busy though – our collection of toys, food and blankets for Dogs Trust was a great success (and thank you if you donated). As you may remember, we work with Dogs Trust to promote a ‘dog of the month’ (see January’s cutie below) to find a forever home here in Brighton.

Our collection for Dogs Trust was a big success! 

So, what to look forward to for 2023. Well, many people do get puppies in the New Year. If you are the owner of a tiny little bundle currently , here are some tips:

  • Toileting – it does get better I promise! Just be consistent, wait outside until they go, then lots of praise and treats.
  • Be careful with puppies. For the first six months their bones are still delicate, so even with socialisation, be careful of play that is too boisterous. 
  • Socialisation with dogs – once they have their jabs, this is super important, whether at puppy classes (a great idea, and we will be starting these later in the year but find a local one) or out on the street.  Socialisation with – well, everything! People, delivery drivers, bikes, pushchairs, children, noises. At this age they are so susceptible to everything and get them out and enjoy different adventures together.
  • Need some extra help? Some dog breeds are naturally more challenging to train than others (and some owners need a few extra tips and tools). If that’s the case, don’t worry as Rooddog offers one-to-one dog training, with trainers who have worked under the UK’s top dog trainer. Message us on the above email and we will be happy to help. 
Dog of the Month

It just leaves me space to wish you and your furry family all the best for 2023 and see you next month!

Love Matt x