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City’s LGBTQ+ Pub & Club scene shuts down

Gscene Editorial Team March 20, 2020

City’s LGBTQ+ scene shuts down

Following a clear directive from Prime Minister Boris Johnson who said in this afternoons press conference that all the UK’s pubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants must close tonight and not reopen tomorrow. This means all the LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, pubs, saunas and restaurants in the city close this evening. There will be no venues open from tomorrow.  Restaurants/cafés can stay open to do take away & delivery food services.

Café’s, coffeeshops, gyms and leisure centres are also to close this evening. The decision to order the nationwide shutdown was finally decided at an afternoon meeting of Cobra, the government’s crisis committee, which ended shortly before the prime minister made his dramatic announcement at the 5pm press conferences set for daily updates of the pandemic.

To tackle the spread of coronavirus the World Health Organisation  has been advising governments to stop all non essential person to person contact and close all venues where public gatherings take place.

The prime mister said the closure would be reviewed each month but for the foreseeable future LGBTQ+ and all other pubs etc are closed.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak follows up the announcements with a promise that  employees who are unable to work because of coronavirus, will receive 80% of their wages from the government.

Gscene hopes to bring an updated story with reaction from LGBTQ+ scene venue owners, pub landlords and performers shortly