City blows an eco fuse

Besi Besemar May 16, 2013

People DayThe weekend of  June 14-15 is going to be a busy one for the city as not only do we have People’s Day Festival in the North Laine, but the Council is also sponsoring a couple more shows and events.

First up is The Eco Technology Show which takes place at the Brighton Centre over two days. It’ll showcase everything green including self-build, renovating houses, green transport and technology, and there’ll be over 60 workshops for anyone to participate in.

An entire floor will be dedicated to ultramodern concept cars and vehicles so you can have a good look at the electric cars which’ll allow you to park in those dedicated spaces across the city that are always empty.

Visitors will also be able to test a range of low emission cars and electric bikes along the seafront which sounds great fun.

As befitting any self-respecting festival these days, the show will spawn a fringe that will spread all over the city, leaking into Brighton Fashion Week (June 12 – 16 – various venues) in the form of sustainable clothes and accessories, and into the People’s Day Fest where they’ll set up some dedicated stalls and also be giving out information and advice.

The Fringe also includes the popular Eco Open Houses, where people will make like Shakin’ Stevens and open their green doors to let the public see how eco initiatives actually work in practice and to give them an idea of the overall costs. In all, there’ll be 21 houses to take a peek at. This runs on both the weekends of June 14 -15  and 21 -22.

The Eco Technology show is the only event that you have to shell out for and then it’s only a fiver, with children under 16 going in for free. It runs from 9am-5pm on the Friday, and 10am-5pm on the Saturday.

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