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Chemsex study examines prevalence of drug-fueled sex

Graham Robson January 16, 2017

New study from the gay hookup site examines prevalence of drug-fueled sex, also known as chemsex.

The study, which surveyed 22,248 members, showed that 30% of respondents have engaged in the activity, 39% of respondents would consider it while 61% said they would not.

One survey section asked members about protection and recollection of their experience. When asked how much they remember from their chemsex encounters, 85.5% of respondents said they remembered everything to mostly everything, 10% said they recalled half of their experience and 4% said they remembered almost nothing. The remaining 0.5% recalled nothing of the experience. The survey also showed that during chemsex, 51% of men did not use protection during anal sex and 93% did not use protection during oral sex.

The drug of choice for study participants was crystal meth (36%), followed by marijuana (19%), cocaine (13%), and MDMA (11%).

Attila Szatmari, Digital Business Director for Pink Triangle Press,’s parent company, said: “We wanted to provide our members with very important information about chemsex within the gay and bisexual community.

“We now have statistics from real people showing infrequent participation in chemsex, not this hyper-usage that seems to be reported in mainstream media.”

To see the full results of the study, click here: