Canadian political candidate dropped over transphobia

Rachel Badham September 11, 2020

Blaine Higgs has dropped a party candidate over transphobic social media posts.

Blaine Higgs, leader of New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservatives, dropped a party candidate for the September 14 provincial elections after learning of their transphobic social media posts. Roland Michaud, candidate for the Victoria region, reportedly shared a meme on Facebook that suggested violence against trans women using public toilets. PressProgress also reported Michaud sharing homophobic and sexist jokes.

Higgs told Global News ‘we have higher standards we must uphold and follow’, however Michaud’s name would remain on the ballot as the Progressive Conservatives will be unable to provide a fresh candidate in the short amount of time. He continued he will not accept Michaud into office should he be elected.

Michaud posted a video on Facebook to explain his actions: “I’m a blue collar, ordinary guy just like you and ordinary people make mistakes. I’ve admitted to that and I’ve apologised but I’m only human just like you and I’m sure many of you have made mistakes over the years also. I’m asking you to give me a chance”.

Alice McKim, a trans candidate for the Liberal Party, condemned Michaud’s actions, tweeting he ‘wanted us to laugh’ at violence against the trans community.