Calls for ‘unity’ in opposing English Defense League march in April

Besi Besemar January 27, 2013


Brighton is a vibrant city where many people of different cultures, backgrounds, abilities and faiths come together. It has a positive and unique character which its residents enjoy and embrace. People live here in the knowledge that they will be valued and that the things which make each individual different are celebrated – not despised.

The city takes great pleasure and pride in being surrounded by humanity in all its exciting diversity.

The far right group March for England, which is a division of the violent and racist organisation the English Defence League is intending once again to March in Brighton in April this year.

Groups like this come to Brighton because the city is multicultural in all its diversity and proves that the doctrine of hate spouted by the far right is wrong,  They want to damage the unity so evident in the city.

Brighton Unite Against Fascism have issued a called for unity asking everyone to stand together against the far right including:

• black, white and Asian

• people of all faiths and of no faith

• trade unionists

• people of different political persuasions

• University, school and college students

• people of all abilities

• whatever our sexuality

The statement read:

“In Brighton we all stand together. And when someone tries to threaten our community we must stand together even more firmly.”

And is supported by the following individuals and organisations.

• Brighton Trades Council

• Brighton and Hove Unite Against Fascism

• Brighton University UCU

• Brighton and Hove NUT

• University of Sussex Students Union

• Sussex Labour Representation Committee.

• Brighton Love Music Hate Racism

• Caroline Lucas, Green MP Brighton Pavillion

 • Itch – King Blues

• James Ledward –editor Gscene.

• Jason Kitkat, Green Party Councillor,  Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council

• Ollie Sykes, Green Party Councillor, Brunswick and Adelaide Ward

• Les Hamilton, Labour & Co-operative Councillor, South Portslade

• Liz Wakefield, Green Party Councillor, Hanover & Elm Grove

• Pete West, Green City Councillor for St Peter’s & North Laine Ward

• Warren Morgan, Labour & Co-operative Councillor for East Brighton

• Phélim Mac Cafferty, Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide

• Alexandra Phillips, Green Councillor for Goldsmid ward

• Rob Jarrett, Green Party Councillor for Goldsmid

• Ian Davey, Green Party councillor for St Peter’s & North Laine

• Simon Burgess, Labour,  former leader, Brighton and Hove council

For more information about Brighton & Hove Against Fascism, click here: