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Calls for contributors to Brighton conference

Graham Robson May 23, 2013


Brighton & Sussex Sexualities Network (BSSN) are calling for contributions to its conference, Queer in Brighton: Life Stories, Histories and Differences, which takes place at Brighton University on September 18 at 10am.

Co-organised by Queer in Brighton and Brighton Transformed, the conference seeks to work across activist/academic debates in order to develop understandings of LGBT and queer life stories, histories and differences in Brighton and beyond.

Organisers invite presentations, readings, workshops and other interventions that address questions such as:

• How is place important to queer politics and LGBT lives?
• What are queer life stories and queer his/her/hir-stories? How are these celebrated/contested? Who is left out of these stories?
• How can we tell our life stories and his/her/hir-stories?
• What does it mean to be/do/practice ‘queer’, ‘now’ and ‘then’?

• How do queer practices and understandings relate to embodied considerations, such as those relating to health?
• What are the norms/canons of queer representation in Brighton and other Sussex heritage sites?
• Is a queer historiography needed to tell a queer history?
• What politics do these themes bring to the table?

Proposals of around 200 words should be made to before July 25.

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